Creekside Cabin

Creek Side Cabin is a completely supplied 4 bedroom home centrally located on 100 acres of an operating hay ranch called Stillwater Ranch. All furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment and initial consumable supplies are included. The house is located under large ponderosa pine and overlooks the Little Klickitat River. It is very quiet here and animals like deer, red tailed hawks and turkey abound. There is a large deck with BBQ and patio furniture that make it the perfect place to just sit and watch the water go by. This unique property is used for extended reflective stays like sabbaticals. Guests are responsible for all meals and consumable supplies.


Ministry Application: A one to three month sabbatical style of rest, prayer and reflection which we call Restore.

This consists of a longer period of time that is often necessary for complete rest and renewal of those in ministry. It is has been discovered that it takes over 30 days for a pastor to disengage with the thoughts and concerns of his/her ministry. During this sabbatical time, there is to be a complete cessation of duties and unplugging from ministry. After a period of winding down, then the couple discovers together what God has for them to learn and grow into… through prayer, reflection, resources, and simply…time together with God.



Establish partnerships with Lilly Foundation and similar giving hearts for assistance with financial needs for the pastoral family during their break.

Establish partnerships with Lilly Foundation and similar giving hearts for assistance with financial needs for their Home Church during their break from service.

Recommended reading list on topics related to need. Provide multiple copies for Cabin library.

Twice a week reflection/discussion times with host and/or wife.

Emphasis and accountability on unplugging.

Emphasis and accountability on prayer and reflection.

Discernment of underlying issues or concerns with the individual and as a couple.

Application of ministry partner assistance with items like counseling for marriage, sin patterns, depression, and/or loss of purpose as may or may not be needed.

Provide opportunities for “ranch work”. (Physical work is found to be a therapeutic change from pastoring.)

Provide various recreational opportunities for relaxation. (float trips, fishing, hiking, wine tours, rural history museums, and recommendations for short overnight excursions.)


The cabin is completely unplugged. No cable TV, no internet, and cell coverage is spotty at best. There is a TV and many movies to watch. But in the interest of “unplugging,” technology has been withheld from the cabin. Phone, cable and internet are available at the lodge.

The cabin is not ideal for handicap or small children. There are spiral stairs, decks and other items that are not appropriate for their safety. Please see FAQ for further information.

It is not the intention of the goal of Restore to ‘fix’ people; the intention is on “assistance in discovery”.

(The operating managers are skilled in coaching and helping leaders discover quiet in their life. The twice a week times in the host den/library at the main lodge will allow for privacy and honest discussion. We also offer free “outside professional help” if such a need does arise.)