Stillwater Ministries


Dedicated to wholeness and health for Christian leaders.

Stillwater Ministries is called to the renewal and restoration of pastors and ministerial servants. We concentrate on three main areas of pastoral care.


A one to two week period of disconnection from ministry duties with emphasis on privacy, solitude and silence. We feel that these longer than weekend breaks allow for a longer and more in depth time of unplugging and slowing down. Only then will you be finally able to hear and listen to God and those around you.  We often find that is necessary to first become almost bored, as well as certainly un-interrupted by ministerial duties, in order to soften, unbend and to receive from God.


A one to three month sabbatical style of rest, prayer and reflection. This consists of a longer period of time that is often necessary for complete rest and renewal of those in ministry. It is has been discovered that it takes over 30 days for a pastor/leader to disengage with the thoughts and concerns of his/her ministry. During this sabbatical time, there is to be a complete cessation of duties and unplugging from ministry. After a period of winding down, then the couple discovers together what God has for them to learn and grow into- through prayer, reflection, resources, and simply…time together with God.


A pray-full and reflective undefined period of time, where the guest seeks a re-purpose in their life. During periods of renewal and restoration, God often reveals to the pastor/couple that changes in mission have been set before them. It may be the phase of life in which retirement from professional ministry has arrived and the ‘re-purposing’ of their lives is to now be considered. It may be a time of revealing that a ‘transitioning’ of leadership of their church is needed. It may also be possible that a complete change from ministry is needed to be considered and that they may need to ‘reset’ their vision for the rest of their lives.

(Please see complete goals and application under each respective ministry area.)

It is not the intention or goals of Stillwater Ministries to ‘fix’ people, rather the intention is on “assistance in discovery.”  We are not professional counselors, nor do we offer those services. We rely on known spiritual coaching methods.