Stillwater Lodge

           Dedicated to wholeness and health for Christian leaders.

Stillwater Lodge is located on a ridge overlooking the Stillwater Ranch and offers views of Mt Adams and the Simcoe Mountain Range. The lodge has two master bedroom suites- each with king beds and private bathrooms. The rooms share a private living room, private entrance, private covered outdoor living areas, and a kitchen. There is a recreation room which offers work out facilities as well as some recreational games. There is a large hobby room which offers activities with the host, like reloading, fly tying and wood working. In addition – on site storage rooms are available for personal items. Each room has a private outdoor terrace area.

The Eddy Suite– the western most room – offers a full king bed, full sized closet, dressers, sliding glass door to private patio, and across the hall private bathroom.

The Riffle Suite – the eastern most room – offers full king bed, walk through closet, dressers, sliding glass door to private patio, handicap accessible shower, and a private master bedroom bath.


Ministry Application:

A one to two week period of disconnection from pastoral duties with emphasis on privacy that we call Renewal. This is a longer and more in depth time of rest and reflection, in comparison to a typical ‘weekend away’. It has been discovered that this longer time away, is necessary to soften, unbend and to receive from God. There may be one, or even two couples, for each ministry period.

The primary focus of the lodge rooms will be for the one to two week renewal of ministry. It is expected that the ranch manager will host multiple meals that center on the couples getting to know each other. Guided leading questions will help in them opening up to each other, and establishing trust among the couples. The provision of their own private living room will naturally spawn further in depth conversation with the hope of developing life-long relationships.

Recognizing that there is a significant difference when one moves from simple Rest to Renewal, it is easily apparent that Renewal requires more time and more privacy. Therefore it is envisioned that a ‘deeper need’ of time and resources exist for participants in Renewal.

For those who might be getting closer to the need for Restore, issues like burnout have not happened yet, but they may not be able to see how to get out of their current situation. They may be struggling within their marriage – but no crisis yet. Frustrations may have built, often underlying anger exists with others and maybe even God.

Privacy is paramount for this renewal process. Instead of 5-6 couples and the much larger social setting that exists with other places like retreat centers, Renewal concentrates on the needs of only one or two couples, or one family, at a time. In order to maximize success, if at all possible, couples will be paired with similar social, economic, church size, age and interests and hopefully establish a lifelong relationship. However, many single couple/family visits do happen and can be scheduled.

It may be important to understand that we are not just a free Bed and Breakfast. We have a specific ministry plan and goal. If you are interested in the concept of what we would call just simple ‘Rest,’ we may be able to refer you to another property that offers that type of service.


Emphasis on silence, stillness and sleep.

Emphasis on reflection, rest, and relief.

Develop and implement a simple life emphasis on real prayer.

To establish a private and secure environment in which pastoral couples can begin to unwind and connect.

Provide various recreational opportunities for relaxation. (See Activities page)

To provide gourmet family style dinners in the host dining room for both couples that sets the stage for relaxation and open discussion.

Recommend and start discussion with hosts or other couple – one book on Sabbath, one on prayer.

During meals and common time, direct focus toward specific leading questions that provide reflection in areas of softening hearts to God’s voice.

Moderate and encourage the development of a partnership with the other couple.



Face it, food is LIFE!

 It may be encouraging to know, that the hosts of Stillwater Lodge are experienced gourmet cooks. They enjoy cooking for their guests and sharing meals together. Meals are considered one of the primary ways to connect with each other and a way to begin to share honest life together. So most meals are served family style in the host’s formal dining room.

While most of the meals for the Lodge guests are provided by the hosts, there is a full service kitchen available in the guest Suite area. It offers a refrigerator, stove, sink and complete dishware. There is also a shared BBQ between the two suites. This allows guests to have their own quiet time in the morning, make their own coffee, or even cook simple meals, or tend to their spcific family needs. Often these more private meal times are significant for guests to unplug, and even get to know other guests.

Please let us know in advance about true allergies and we will try hard to respect them. However, since host meals are served family style – please be aware that there will not be an opportunity for individual meal preferences like gluten free, sugar free, salt free, fat free, range free, skinny free, fence free or other frees… we are simply unable to meet everyone’s individual dietary preference.