You are expected to come with an attitude and resolve to slow down and unplug. You should pre-commit to practicing extended periods of quiet, thoughtful reading, prayer, and spiritual reflection during your stay. It is expected that you will practice openness and honesty with your spouse and those here. It is expected that when you hear from God…that you will actually respond.

Please review the goals for Renew; Restore and Reset. This will help you know what else is expected on your part.

Are you nervous? Does the thought of meeting with someone put walls up in your personal space? Take a risk with us… and God! Time after time we hear how God works in the lives of those who come here. If you are open to God – you can expect nothing less.


Further Comment on the Responsibility of Self -Safety

As with any ministry of care, it is our position that you are responsible for your own actions and safety. Many activities of farm living have inherent risk to them. The ranch and grounds have uneven topography and weather certainly plays havoc with it. Some of the activities we offer (like rafting) have their own specific risks. To that regard, each guest will be required to sign a liability release, as well as adopt the attitude that it is their own responsibility to be safe and exercise proper judgment. For more specific information, please refer to FAQ.